Xbox One Emulator released

Can you imagine playing Xbox One Games on your Computer or Mac?

No? Then listen well!

The developer of the Xbox 360 Emulator worked on an Xbox One Emulator in the last few month and they had a lot success. The first working Xbox Emulator which can run Xbox 360 AND Xbox One games has been published few weeks ago. There is a list of Xbox One games which are available. You can also play all Xbox 360 games with the Xbox Emulator. The best part of the Xbox One Emulator is that you can play online with your friends. Sounds crazy huh? But it is absolutely possible.


If you don’t have an Xbox Live Account you can create one, if you got one already then you can start playing online. What you need is a good working internet connection. I play Call of Duty Ghost online since few weeks with a new made gamertag and I didn’t get banned. The developer said that the Xbox One Emulator is undetectable and I think so. There are so many features you can choose.

You can choose between the lowest resolution and Full HD, but you need a very good graphic card and PC if you want to play in Full HD, otherwise it could be laggy and play with low FPS. Right now I am playing in HD. You can check out the system requirements on the website below.


Where did I get the Xbox One Emulator?

After watching several videos on and reading some articles on few different gaming websites I found . This website offers the first working Xbox One Emulator I talked about. The download is easy and completely for free. A good thing is also the support. They are really helpful. The Emulator has been tested a few weeks before they released it and there are no bugs. The developer will update it to the newest version when there are any new features or bugfixes.

You can enjoy playing Xbox One Games right on your Computer without buying an expensive console. Just imagine how much many you save just for buying all the games. You can get them for free. No hidden costs, because everything on the website is for free.

I wish you good luck and please share the website and like it on Facebook. Thank you!


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